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This week in Fellows was very eventful. We had a guest speaker on Monday come and talk to all of the Fellows. Her name is Courtney Doyle, and she currently serves as a Norfolk city council member and works in marketing for Sentara. She explained to us how to be a city council member and balance her work and service life at the same time. She also talked to the Fellows about some of the major projects they are working on in the council, such as bike lanes and the redevelopment of Military Circle mall. She explained that she sometimes has to abstain from votes because she sometimes has a conflict of interest in issues.  

The Global Affairs Fellows also met by cohorts to discuss curricular work. The Sophomores discussed an area of the world and gave a brief on it, while the Juniors debated about Human rights and the Seniors talked about trade. The Fellows also worked on their articles for the newsletter, and peer-edited the articles for each other. The people in the communications department served as overarching editors to improve everyone’s work. 

~Srivi Hathwar ’24

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