Our Mission

The Global Affairs Fellows program seeks to cultivate in its participants the desire and skills necessary to make the world a more peaceful and just place. Through case studies, simulations, independent research, and collaboration with community partners both locally and abroad, students will develop a deeper understanding of the conflicts and challenges created by globalization, such as social justice, sustainable development, and cultural preservation. By studying the way that governmental and non-governmental agencies, policy makers, intelligence and security experts, and other members of the international community attempt to meet these challenges, students will learn how to craft and communicate their own solutions to complex global problems.

The responsible exercise of global citizenship requires an empathetic understanding of competing interests and an appreciation for the ethical dimensions of conflict resolution. In honing their abilities to facilitate cross-cultural dialogue, negotiate compromise, and solve problems collaboratively and creatively, Global Affairs Fellows will arm themselves with the knowledge and skills necessary to become the next generation of global problem-solvers.