Annual Holiday Gift Drive

On Tuesday, the Global Affairs fellows met in groups of three (one senior, one junior, and one sophomore). Each group predicted four issues that the United States could face in 2022. We brought up issues such as climate change, Covid’s threat to worldwide health and economy, vaccine distribution, tension between China and the U.S., inflation, and Russian expansionism on the U.S. border. After briefing everyone on the issues, we formulated a possible solution.

Everyone loves waking up on Christmas morning to gifts under the tree, but for some families this is not feasible. Global Affairs fellows volunteered to bring gifts from the Christmas list of the children of a family on the Eastern Shore. This family has 7 children of varying ages, and have been through a lot, so they could use our help to bring some Christmas joy. On Tuesday everyone brought in their gifts and we all worked together to wrap them up. We collected gifts such as clothes, a skateboard, games, a scooter, and shoes. Everyone was happy to see the stack of beautifully wrapped presents we ended up with, and were glad to be able to help a family in need have a merry Christmas!
~Kaiya ’24

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