Class of 2018

Class of 2018

Sophia Burke (’18) ~ 

I applied to the Fellows program because I wanted to broaden my perspective on world issues and challenge myself to be a more independent thinker. Through immersive international travel and the student-driven nature of the program, I hoped to learn how to better navigate the global scene and develop my distinct leadership style.


Adavya Dhawan (’18) ~

Although I initially applied for the Global Affairs Program to simply learn more about the world, this fellows group has provided me a much more dynamic experience over the past four years. Not only have I developed an expertise on many world issues, but our engaging summer travels have inspired me to become an empathetic and socially-conscious leader. As a student particularly interested in financial economics, I’ve worked through the program toward promoting personal finance education in our community, while also fostering a greater appreciation for business and social entrepreneurship. 

Tai Jeffers (’18) ~

I applied to this fellows group in order to learn more about global issues. Over the past four years I have learned how to lead a group in analyzing and forming tangible solutions to these problems.




Chase Yager (’18) ~

I joined the Global Affairs fellows because of my interest in international politics as well as foreign affairs. I wanted to learn more about the inner mechanisms of different governments around the world, especially in the ways that they interacted with, and were influenced by the people they governed. Perhaps most of all, I wanted first hand experience traveling abroad so that I would have the necessary knowledge and experience to travel similarly in the future, both in college and in future careers.

I am working on developing a curriculum on media bias to teach to the ninth grade world cultures classes to help them learn to responsibly search through the internet to find unbiased and factual information to develop their own educated opinions on issues.

Mila Colizza (’18) ~

I applied to this fellowship because I wanted to push outside my comfort zone and learn valuable leadership skills. Looking back, I am awed at how much I have evolved and learned in the past four years due to this program. Currently, I am working on filming and compiling a documentary about the effects of globalization on indigenous populations.


Jimmy Peccie (18′) ~

I joined the Global Affairs program because I wanted an opportunity to further explore my interest in international affairs and politics. During my time as a fellow, I have learned that the world is much more complex than I originally anticipated; some problems do not always have black and white answers. I now realize that you must search for possible solutions within that gray area and find a suitable compromise. The Global Affairs Program has also provided me invaluable leadership skills to lead both myself and others. I am beyond thankful that the fellows program has molded me into the person I am today.