Pitball Tournament

After a relaxing Thanksgiving, Global Affairs Fellows reconvened on Monday. Sophomores and juniors met with their senior mentors to discuss the break, conduct mental check-ins, and look ahead to exam week and the conclusion of the semester. On Wednesday morning, AC Perry (‘22), Areen Syed (‘24), and Brooke Bettencourt (‘24) delivered a chapel on the Andean Alliance for Sustainable Development (AASD) and their new Coffee Project as part of the Quality Education Bulldogs Care Campaign. They also announced the much-anticipated pitball tournament! Kaleb Doyle (‘23) and Emma Hugo (‘22) organized the tournament, which took place on Thursday, and 32 upper school students competed to win a free lunch of their choice. In total, GAF raised $435 for AASD. In addition to the tournament, GAF also held cohort meetings. The ‘22s met to create a plan for the second semester, which will hopefully focus on preparing for the 2022 summer Peru trip. The ‘23s analyzed several primary sources regarding human rights and debated document-based questions about the sources. Finally, the ‘24s explored the Council on Foreign Relation’s World 101: Sovereignty page. All in all, GAF had a very productive, successful week!
~Ruby ’23

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