Pressing Issues in Foreign Policy

On Tuesday, we met in our actions groups (Abroad, Communications, and Local) to discuss our current, short-term, and long-term goals. In my Local action group, our current goals consisted mainly of continuing our current tutoring sessions with HR3. In addition, we would like to begin spotlight interviews with members of HR3. In the near future, the local action group also hopes to direct a Christmas gift donation drive targeting migrant farmers in the Eastern Shore. Similar to this, another future goal of the Local action group is to set up a jewelry making programs for migrant children! As for the other action groups, Communications continued to work hard on the Global Affairs Fall Newsletter and Abroad discussed former and potential partnerships with Awamaki, AASD, and Elephants Alive. 

On Friday, we split into three groups with the goal of researching 3 of the latest and most important international current affairs: 1. The US-China Climate Agreement, 2. EU Diplomacy concerning Taiwan, and 3. The Pakistan meeting on the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. In my group, we discussed the recent meeting hosted by Pakistan, which included the US, Russia, and China. Each group focused on researching and delivering a synopsis of the main issue or event and its results and implications. 

~Antonia Baudoin ’23

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