Migrant Farmers Christmas 2018

Hi everyone,

This year I would like to help a migrant farmer family on the Eastern Shore have a better Christmas. They live in camps with dirt floors, single room living quarters, public bathrooms, and public kitchens. While most of these families move to Florida during the winter to pick fruit, some families have to stay and are unable to make a good income during the winter months. These families tend to be families with a single mom and there are a few with a single mom because the father has been killed. Often in these cases, the mom is unable to take her kids to Florida because she cannot afford to leave or work because she must take care of her children. However, not all families stay for this reason or are families with single parents. The family we will be getting gifts for has five young children. The youngest child, a two year old girl named Ireri, was born with some birth defects and a growth on her neck. Bring your gifts, unwrapped, to our meeting on Thursday, December 13. Thank you so much for your help. Below I have attached some pictures of the family and the name, age, size, and wishes for each child. Please add you name in the sign up column. Thank you!

– Global Affairs Fellows 2021


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