Fellows Retreat Day 2

On Friday, January 26th all of the Fellows programs participated in a day-long retreat designed to stimulate discussion between programs about some of today’s most pressing issues. In the morning the Global Affairs Fellows examined various cases of human rights violations, sparking many in depth conversations regarding the importance of human rights and the role of governments in enforcing these liberties. Later in the afternoon, all of the Fellows groups convened to watch a short video on the issue of climate change before splitting into separate discussion groups. Comprised of all ages and programs, these groups served to promote interaction between different viewpoints and broaden the views of both newer Fellows and seasoned members. After exchanging ideas and listening to the opinions of peers, the Fellows reassembled in the Massey building to end the day with a panel of climate change experts. The ensuing conversation encouraged everyone present to think more deeply about the issue of climate change in order to someday craft a sustainable and effective solution. As the retreat drew to an end the Fellows departed, having been invigorated by the exchange of ideas and the opportunity to learn more not only about climate change, but about themselves and their peers.

~Ainsleigh Montgomery (’20)

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