Baltics: Stolckholm

Welcome to Stockholm! Home to the Nobel prizes and Swedish meatballs! Land of confusing public  transportation, beautiful architecture, and challenges and rewards at every turn! In the morning on the ferry, the fellows ate breakfast and watched the Stockholm port grow closer and closer, disembarking at the terminal and navigating through customs and hordes of fellow travelers. Despite setbacks, our leader of the day Arman, and the Stockholm itinerary planner Hallie, figured out the bus system and coaxed tickets out of the machine, leading us to the hostel.  They used every ounce of their leadership smarts to navigate a new city to get the group to our destination. After a quick lunch at a nearby restaurant, called Urban Deli, we headed to the island Gamla Stan, Stockholm’s old town, home to the royal palace, the armory, the parliament, the Nobel museum, and storkyron, Stockholm’s central cathedral. After visiting the fascinating, detailed, and modern Nobel museum, the team headed to the central cathedral, with its tall steeple, arching hall, and vivid display of paintings and sculptures. We all took the better part of an hour to journal and reflect on the effect the trip has had on our leadership and how much we have grown throughout these past two weeks. Afterwards, we split up into groups and wandered around the little island, admiring the architecture of old Sweden, witnessing the changing of the guards, and dining on ice cream. Finally, we topped off the day with dinner at a restaurant famous for serving Barack Obama.  The Turkish owner treated us like family and gladly shared his views of the forthcoming US presidential  election.

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