Baltics: Stockholm

We began our last day in Stockholm with the Vasamuseet, a museum dedicated to the only fully intact 17th century Swedish warship, Vasa, which sank in the early 1600s. We followed the Vasa museum with a leadership activity in a nearby park, in which we formed a “human knot” using our arms. Through communication, attentiveness, and strategy (and a few practice runs) we successfully freed ourselves. After lunch in a nearby café, we spent a few hours exploring the lavish carriages and arms at the Swedish Royal Armory. Following an hour or so of free time in Gamla Stan (Old Town), we walked to the Fotografiska, a world-renowned photography museum in Södermalm. Following a few hours engrossed in the thought-provoking exhibits, we enjoyed our final evening of the trip dining at Söders Hjärta, a traditional Swedish restaurant. We took a leisurely walk back to the hostel, making sure to relish our last few hours in Stockholm. Back at the hostel, we conducted our final nightly meeting and prepared for the long day of traveling ahead of us. Everyone had such an amazing trip, and we are grateful for all of the friendships and experiences that have come out of it!

Olen Iloinen,
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