Day 1- Travel Day

Yesterday on July 7, the 2018 and 2020 International Relations Fellows, under the leadership of Mr. Gibson, Mr. McMahon, and Dr. Naujoks, embarked upon our week long trip to Peru. We all met at 10:15 at Norfolk International Airport, eager but nervous for the road ahead. We all knew that this trip would be very memorable and important for ourselves and the future of the program, and hopefully it will be a stepping stone for greater projects later. All of the fellows said goodbye to their families and boarded a flight from Norfolk to Atlanta. At first, we had not really gelled yet as a group, since we are two grade levels apart. As the day went on, everyone began to grow closer to one another as we learned more about each other. At 6:00 we began the long journey from Atlanta to Lima. When the plane finally landed in Peru, the time was around 12:00. Everyone was exhausted from a long day of travel. Our bodies were tired, but our spirits were still high. We rode on a bus to the hotel Casa Andina in the region of Miraflores, and everyone recharged with a good nights sleep.


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