Last Day in Lima

The next day we continued our exploration of the beautiful and interesting city of Lima. After an early breakfast and a regrouping session back at the hotel, we boarded the bus to head for the Museo Larco in downtown Lima. This museum contained a rich amount of ancient Peruvian history, both before and after Spanish colonization. It showed the culture of the Moche people and their daily lifestyle. We were able to see fascinating artwork and pottery preserved from a thousand years ago. Before lunch, we engaged in an impromptu, fun yoga session on the lawn in front of the restaurant. Next, we hopped back on the bus and traveled to ancient ruins situated right in the middle of the city. These ruins were fascinating to explore, and they really revealed the religious aspects of pre-Columbian society. Later, we walked to a busy park near our hotel and did leadership and team bonding activities, such as the human knot and two truths and a lie. After a long day of exploring Lima, we ate dinner at a very nice seafood restaurant, where all of the students participated in tricky and frustrating riddles.

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  1. David Rezelman

    Lima Yoga: good cultural experience, very good physical exercise, and excellent potential band name!


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