Baltics: Tallinn/Riga

Today is Tuesday, August 2nd and we have enjoyed our last day in Tallinn as well as our first in Riga, Latvia. This morning, we started our day off by visiting the Estonian Parliament. It was very interesting to see where major decisions take place for Estonia and the building was incredibly beautiful. Our guide told us about Estonian politics and gave us a better understanding of what smaller countries like Estonia think of countries like the US and Russia. After this visit, we ate lunch and headed to the city bus station where we got on a bus to Riga. The bus was very comfortable and had a great movie selection. When we got to Riga, we checked into the hostel, ate a delicious dinner, and went on a kayak trip from 11pm until 3 am. Alex and Alix, after attempting to reenact a Viking sea battle with Luke and Lawrence, found their kayak capsized in one of the canals. ¬†After a brief dip in the warm Latvian water they resumed their journey better for the experience. The kayak trip was an incredible opportunity and a chance to circumnavigate Riga’s old town at night. It was overall an amazing day.

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