A Day in Bremen and Bremerhaven (Andi Yuan)

Today we went to the city of Bremen and Bremerhaven. In Bremen, we went to the market square and took a walking tour around the city. Throughout the tour, we talked through small alleyways which were truly magical; Kedar described it being transported to the magical land of Harry Potter. The soap store that my group went to was really interesting because there was a green tea scented soap bar but it also had a flowery smell that neither Katherine, Kedar, or I could identify the scent of. The moment we walked into the cathedral we visited next, I was awestruck at the sheer size and aura that the church gave off. Since it was my first time being in something like that, I was quite surprised by the holy air around it. It was a great place for internal reflection even though I didn’t do any. In Bremerhaven, the group went to a museum that detailed the lives of immigrants and emigrants. The models and way the museum was structured was incredibly detailed with life-like models and coherent story telling. I would often walk into a room and get spooked because of the hyper realistic mannequins that were in the rooms. It was actually really interesting to follow the path that immigrants and emigrants took because I would assume it was very similar to what my parents did when they immigrated to America.

~ Andi Yuan

Auf dem Marktplatz.
In den Gassen.
Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten.
Exploring the Auswandererhaus in Bremerhaven.