Rothenburg ob der Tauber (Kedar Johnson-Smith)

Thursday, June 27

During our second day in Rothenburg, our group first visited the Kriminalmuseum, which displayed medieval torture devices as well as gave insight into law and order in the medieval time period. After exploring much of the old city and its walls we visited the St. Jakobs Kirche (church) and admired the lavish architecture built when Rothenburg was a wealthy city inhabited by rich merchants. Our group then dissolved to explore many of the little shops throughout the city. Returning to our hotel for a group dinner, we then set out once more for a group hike outside the city walls into the valley below. To finish the day, we had our daily photo contest and ice cream.

On the Stadtmauer.
A view well worth the hike.
Eis: the only proper way to end the day.