Headed toward Heidelberg (Ben Shine)

Friday, June 28

Today we left Rothenburg and headed on a bus ride to a museum that had 100s of old cars and planes that were cleaned up and insanely cool. We saw huge airplanes, massive tanks, and some lambos. Then the group played some mafia waiting for the bus and then we took the bus to Heidelberg. This city looks like the Venice of Germany. We then got settled into our hotel room which was actually really nice. Afterwards we took a long walk through this beautiful city and came to pedal-boats where we pedal-boated in a very beautiful area on the Neckar for about 40 minutes. Afterwards we walked back to the hotel and had some free time to eat dinner and explore the city. Wyatt, Colin, and I went to a Italian restaurant called Vapianos that was actually very good. We then just walked around and explored the beautiful city. We then came back to the hotel and had a really good sleep as the tempature outside was perfect.

~ Ben Shine

Lamborghini Tractor.
Cooles Auto!
Pedal boating on the Neckar.