Underway with Frederick the Great in Potsdam (Sean Miller)

On today’s trip, we went to Potsdam, a city right outside of Berlin. In Potsdam, we explored the palace of Frederick the Great with our tour guide. We learned of Frederick’s upbringing in Prussia with his abusive father who did not tolerate Frederick’s interest in music, because he wanted his son to be a warrior. However, once his father died and he took the throne, he became a great general and took over much of Germany and Poland. When he reached Germany, he built his castle right outside of Berlin, because he did not like the place already in Berlin. His palace in Potsdam is ornately decorated with busts and gold leaf in the rococo art style, and it has an immense garden behind it. In the courtyard we took many pictures with all the statues, and found Frederick’s grave. He chose to be buried right next to his dog. Sadly, we could not stay at the palace for longer, because we needed to drive back to Löningen to see our friends again.

~ Sean Miller

In the beautiful Park Sansouci.
Strolling through the ornate Neue Kammern.