First day in Normandy!

Today’s post, written by Carissa Ferguson ’18, to recount the group’s first day in France,                        Sunday, March 5, 2017:

After 11-12 hours of extensive travel and lack of sleep, we finally reached the region of Normandy in northern France. Once there we stopped by Le Mont Saint Michel, one of France’s most recognizable landmarks to date due to its breathtaking Roman and Gothic architecture. To say it was a little windy would be an understatement. I honestly thought I was going to blow away. But despite that, I think we really enjoyed our visit. 

However, the best part of the day was when we stopped by this small sandwich shop to order lunch. It was my first time I’ve eaten in France and the food is just as good as they say, especially the bread. I’m excited to get the chance to come across more authentic French food, and to experience more of France overall.

Students prepare for time abroad

The French Exchange student group met on Wednesday, February 22, to prepare for their upcoming time abroad. They worked together to craft a “Group Contract” of collective goals for their two weeks abroad and also developed “Daily Leadership Roles” in order to really own and guide their experience. Only a few days left until departure to Paris!

Andrea Godfrin’s Experience at NA

Mary Alice Russell was able to ask her exchange student, Andrea Godfrin, about her experience at NA. Here is her response:

“Last year, in October 2015, I participated in the exchange program with USA and France. It was a beautiful experience, one of the best in my life. I met new and wonderful people, a new way-of-life, and I learned a lot of things! My exchange student Mary Alice and her family were so nice to me and this summer I went back to their house. I really recommend for you to do this exchange if you like traveling (especially seeing Paris) and meeting new people. Thank you to the Norfolk Academy professors, students, and the Russell family. I hope to see a lot of Americans during the next exchange in March 2017!”

IMG_1561 IMG_4884IMG_1645

Thank you Mary Alice and Andrea for supplying your experiences for the French Exchange Blog!

Clémence Gavat Visits Norfolk Academy

Clémence Gavat is visiting Norfolk Academy for a couple weeks from France!


Clémence has been very generous and has helped both French 1 classes with their pronunciation of the French language.

Merci Clémence, and we hope you continue to enjoy your time in the United States.

Interview avec Clémence Gavat de Saint Dominique

Voici une interview  avec la correspondante de Juliet Lancey, Clémence Gavat, qui va visiter NA en avril.

Q: What are your favorite things to do?
A:I love to skate and shop. I also love gymnastics.
Q: What are your favorite American foods?
A: I like eggs, pasta, hamburger, meat and spinach
Q: Are you nervous to come to America? Have you ever come before?
A: I’m a little nervous and I just spent a night in the USA in Miami because it was when I was going to Chile this summer.
Q:How is France different from the United States?
A: In the United States, you have lots of different cultures but we also do in France. Everything is really the same.
Q: How long have you taken English?
A: I have taken English for 3 years.