Friday Fun Around Neuilly

Written by Morgan Aufenger ’20, recounting March 15

On Friday, we started off our morning with a stroll through a park and a tour of the Foundation Louis Vuitton museum. The building, modeled after a ship and designed by Frank Gehry, is a work of art itself along with the pieces inside.  From the viewing deck we had a wonderful view of the Paris skyline and the wooded park surrounding it, which was highlighted by the abnormal structure of the building. This center strives to be environmentally friendly as much as possible; one of the most notable ways is by collecting rain water to fill their toilettes to not waste water. 

After our tour, we walked to a farmers market in Neuilly where some of us had the chance to try out our French and buy some authentic food and jewelry.  For our second activity, we took a boat tour of the Seine on a bateau mouche. We all enjoyed watching famous Parisian landmarks as we traveled down the river.