The Swedish School and Montmartre

Written by Frances Harrington ’19 to recount Thursday, March 15, 2018:

Today, we started the day by meeting with the Swedish students who are attending St-Do and living in France for this entire school year. We ate breakfast with them and went to one of their English classes where we got to chat with everyone. Then, we had class in French with Monsieur Chatrousse about local slang and formal etiquette. After that, some of us went to classes of French and English until our lunch hour. During our lunch period today, we had the option to either stay at school and eat lunch or go out to find something to eat down the street. When lunch was over, we had a tour of the village called Montmartre with Chloe, and we got to see a beautiful church at the top of the hill with an amazing view of Paris! There was so much beautiful art to see this afternoon and a wall that has the phrase « I love you » written all over it in different languages!

Afterwards, we went back to St-Do to meet up with our French exchange students. Tiphaine and I stayed at school for her Latin class and a meeting about the Bacc for literature. Then we went home, had dinner, and called it a night!

I can hardly believe we only have two more full days here in Paris!