Fromagerie, Orchard, and Arrival at St. Do!

Written by Seth Lucas ’19 to recount Tuesday, March 6, 2018:

After a long slumber, we enjoyed another petit déjeuner consisting of croissants and bread. Drink options included hot chocolate in our bowls, along with orange juice. By 9:30 am, we departed from Le Home de Contentin hostel and said our goodbyes to our first home base. We drove out to a Fromagerie named Réo. They are very well known for their Camembert, and we had the opportunity to experience the process of making and packaging this famous cheese followed by a short tasting and an opportunity to purchase their Camembert.

From the Fromagerie, we proceeded to an orchard. There we met the proprietor, Guillaume, at his family-owned “Billy Farm.” We visited the orchard and took our picture in the chapel which was constructed back in 1492.

We ate a picnic lunch: a typical Beurre et Jambon sandwich on a baguette, a dessert of caramel rice pudding, a bag of chips, a granola bar, and a single-serve container of apple sauce. Guillaume brought out samples of his apple juice for all of us to enjoy.

After our two stops, we made the four-hour bus ride to Paris. As soon as we turned the bend on the interstate and could see the Eiffel Tower, many of us felt like we had truly arrived in France even though we had already been here for a few days. We were incredibly excited to see our host families and headed to our respective homes in the pouring rain!