Foundation Louis Vuitton, A Scavenger Hunt, and La Défense

Written by Virginia Darden ’19 to recount Friday, March 16, 2018:

Today we began our morning by walking to the Foundation Louis Vuitton, an architectural masterpiece. The building itself is a piece of art, fascinating the entire group with its abundance of glass panels and modern design. The building was made to promote contemporary architecture by the group LVMH.




We then participated in a scavenger hunt all around Paris. There were 12 steps to the hunt which each had to be documented with a photo or video. On the metro ride back to Neuilly, my partner, Lily, and I unknowingly went in the wrong direction, going farther and farther away. Thankfully, Lily noticed and we got off on the next stop and switched. We learned that it is important to stop and realize where you are going instead of just walking into the metro and getting on.

For lunch, some of us stayed at St. Do, while others walked down the street to the local boulangerie. They have the absolute best beignets there, and I will miss them greatly while in the US!

We then spent a few hours shopping around La Défense before returning to St. Do to end our day with a « goûter » or a small snacktime with cookies and other refreshments with our corres’.