Colegio de Madrid!

Despite arriving late to school due to a forgotten iPad, we had a great day at Colegio Madrid. Our day commenced with some minding bending puzzles provided by math teacher, Ishmael. Amongst the exercises were fractions, multiplication, and word problems. Following this mental warm up, we attended Spanish, where we engaged in a group building activity in which we recited a myriad of facts in Spanish about one of our classmates, and then surmised the author. From there we split into two groups, the first attending Matematicas, the second, Lengua. While difficult to understand, we were able to decipher enough clues to comprehend the gist of the lesson on subordinate clauses. The class concluded with group poetry presentations before we departed for a break. Outside at the courts, our Spanish friends taught us a new volleyball game: A, E, I, O, U. To summarize, participants pass the ball and recite the next vowel. When it gets to U, the person spikes the ball, and if you are hit, you are out.

At 12, we made our way to grammar, where the Spaniards and Americans split, each creating a Kahoot of their native languages. While the Spanish were far more versed in American idioms, we were able to add many of theirs to our vocabulary: Es pan comido–  it is easy, hablando del Rey de Rama– speak of the devil, montar un pollo– get crazy. Next we made our way to lunch, where we dined on pasta, lentils, and fish. Following our post-lunch respite was PE, where we played basketball, futbol, and volleyball. We concluded our school day with a lab in which we dissected a pig heart, learning all about the ventricles, atria, and arteries.








Later in the evening, most of the group put our gymnastic skills to the test at the trampoline park. Many flips and wipeouts later, we disbanded and headed home for dinner. Zoe and I enjoyed burgers, as well as raclette, a popular Swiss dish, consisting of melted Alpine cheese, with which we garnished our potatoes. To culminate our delectable dinner, we devoured mandarins from Valencia, in addition to fresh fresas, or strawberries. Now it is time to get a good night’s sleep for Toledo tomorrow!

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