A Day in Segovia

Written by Alexandra Konikoff ’20, recounting March 12th

Today we went to Segovia, Spain and some of the Spaniards joined us on this excursion which made it even more fun. We started the day by seeing an ancient Roman aqueduct that is still standing, and I have never seen anything like that before. After that we broke up into small groups of three, (2 Americans and 1 Spaniard per group) we did a group scavenger hunt around the city of Segovia. Which helped us get to know the Spaniards better. During the scavenger hunt my group walked by the filming of a movie, and took some videos which was very cool to see the behind the scenes of a movie!






We walked around in our groups for about an hour, and after the scavenger hunt we re-convened as a large group outside of the Alcázar de Segovia castle before entering. Once inside the castle we had a tour of the interior, and there were two groups, one tour in English and one in Spanish, and some of my friends and I chose the Spanish group so that we could better our Spanish and take the tour in all Spanish. We took a tour of the all of the beautiful rooms in the castle such as the bedroom, dining room, common area, weapon room, and the balcony. Each room in the castle was decorated with gold on the ceilings and and had beautiful tapestries hanging from the walls. After the two groups finished their respective tours we met up again and all climbed up the 156 stairs to the top of the castle together to look at the magnificent view and take lots of pictures.

We were all very tiered after the stairs so we had a siesta in a field and had the lunch that C.E.M provided us and relaxed. Señor Bunn also taught a yoga class for those that were interested. Our siesta lasted for about an hour and then after that it was time to head back to C.E.M for the day.

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