Class of 2021

Class of 2021

Jack Elliot (’21) ~

Peyton Harrell (’21) ~

 I applied to fellows because I wanted to further my academics in global affairs, and I have always been passionate about international relations, it is something that truly interests me. I want to get more independence and a better knowledge of myself and how to work with others when solving worldly issues. 


William “Will” Inderlied (’21) ~

I applied to be a Fellow to get a better understanding of the problems taking place in the world everyday that most would not hear about. Problems such as the Quechwa women in Peru struggling to maintain their culture of producing textiles naturally which the 9th grade Fellows are currently attempting to solve.


Annie Livingood (’21) ~

I applied to the Global Affairs Fellowship because I have a deep interest in finding and discussing political and moral problems happening around the globe. This fellowship was the perfect opportunity to not only discuss, but begin to make actual change. The 2021 GA Fellows are currently working on involving the Care 4 organization to sponsor the Quechua women through the Awamaki Foundation. The women are skilled weavers who live in Peru, who need funding to prevent from being swindled on local markets. This is the first opportunity our group has had to make real change, and I look forward to continuing this through the years to come.

Bridget Tan (’21) ~

I applied for the Global Affairs Fellows because I wanted to learn about current world problems and politics and what I could do to get involved. I hope to impact a community or culture in a practical way and learn more about world government and local problems through my time in the program.



Sophie Watson (’21) ~

I applied to fellows to explore my interests in political conflicts and cultures suffering from globalization, and to see both of these firsthand through travel.