Class of 2020

Class of 2020

Sean Miller (’20) ~

Why Fellows? I applied to the Global Affairs Fellows because I really enjoy politics. I want to study the way that new 21st century ideas, such as the use of social media and the internet, interact with current politics among the global powers as well as politics among native cultures.


Michael Hostutler (’20) ~



Ainsleigh Montgomery (’20) ~

I applied for the fellows program in order to gain a greater understanding of politics and world affairs while also obtaining vital leadership skills. Through fellows I hope to learn more about how I can have an impact in the world, specifically concerning human rights in the United States and around the globe.


Morgan Aufenger (’20) ~

I applied to the GA fellows program to acquire a greater knowledge of the world and an ability to prepare myself to be a well informed member of my community. I have become a stronger leader by taking initiative in meetings and vocalizing my opinions, as well as cultivating a strong sense of independence. 


William Smythe (’20) ~

As a member of the Global Affairs Fellows program for the past two years, I have learned extensively from the various meetings, trips, and seminars catered to the sphere of global affairs. Through the program I hope to acquire the skills necessary to alleviate the issues that we face on a daily basis, whether it be armed conflict, refugee crises, or political turmoil.

As of now I am delving into the topic of refugee crises, which have recently affected the United States’ and Europe’s borders and carrying through of immigration policy. I hope to develop a relationship between our fellowship and a local refugee outreach center in order to exemplify the goal of our program in a tangible way.

Samantha “Sammi”  Jacobs (’20) ~

I applied to the GA Fellows because I wanted to expand my knowledge and understanding about world and international events. Though this program, I have become more informed about the pressing issues that we face as a generation today. In addition, I have developed a better sense of awareness and I continue to gain vital leadership skills through our many self-driven projects.


Katelyn “Katie” Post (’20) ~

I joined the Global Affairs Fellowship because I am interested in improving human rights, and I would like to become a diplomat. While traveling internationally, I noticed that many things such as OSHA, ADA, and Child Labor Laws are not applied as well outside of the US.  As the United States is more privileged than many other countries, its citizens should strive for equality and maximum safety for all humans. Witnessing many inequalities first hand has made me passionate about making changes. I think being a member of GA (formerly IR) has helped me to develop essential skills to work on these topics. Being a member of GA has also helped me to acquire some skills necessary to become a diplomat such as being a good negotiator and understanding history and current events well. Since I am culturally aware and multilingual with experience of traveling internationally almost every summer, I was able to learn and experience different cultures and traditions around the world. I believe this makes me a good contributor to the program and thus influenced my decision to apply.