Winter Break Book Review – Stinson Moss ’22

    Over Winter Break, us EDI Fellows were tasked with reading a Science-Fiction book of our choosing. And I’ve got to admit, other than the Bible and Stealing Air by Trent Reedy, The Expanse is probably going to be my new favorite book! The story is interesting, it has an immersive environment, and it’s clear that Trent and I share values about paying attention to detail. Unlike other sci-fi literature that does not give any explanation to any new technology like teleportation or space travel, The Expanse gives realistic explanations. For example, when the characters feel high g’s (large acceleration), the ship seats inject the passengers with steroid-like compounds so that the passengers do not pass out.

    I’ve really enjoyed reading this book over the winter break, and I will probably continue this eight-book series and look more into his technologies as grand as spaceships or as small as that steroid-like injection previously mentioned. I think that exploring technologies like these is what really drives EDI Fellows.

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