Meet the Fellows!

    Class of 2022 Fellows

    Foster Kimple
    Stinson Moss
    Toria Kauffman
    David Smythe
    Kai Wang
    James Wilson

    From left to right, James Wilson, Nicholas Rose, David Smythe, Foster Kimple, Kai Wang, and Stinson Moss.

    Class of 2023 Fellows

    Vignesh Akkina
    Micah Baum
    Kristin Houston
    Noah Howell
    Lee McElligott
    Will Ward

    Class of 2024 Fellows

    Sam Bibeau
    Julian Burke
    Will Crouch
    Ann Gray Golpira
    Zoë Jones
    Owen Yeung


    Dr. Robert Call     <>

    Dr. Call came to Norfolk Academy from Chapel Hill where he earned his Ph.D. in Physics and worked as a graduate teaching assistant. He served as an assistant instructor and undergraduate teaching fellow while at Utah State where he graduated summa cum laude. He was also tapped as the Scholar of the Year; a Goldwater Scholar (HM); and president of the Society of Physics Students (SPS) and recipient of the SPS Outstanding Leadership Scholarship.  Dr. Call has extensive research experience and has published a number of scholarly articles.  He and his wife Heather have one son and a daughter. In addition to co-directing the EDI Fellows program, Dr. Call also teaches Physics in the and leads the Robotics and TEAMS teams.

    Mr. Garrett Bird     <>

    Mr. Bird received his undergraduate degree at Carnegie Mellon University in civil and environmental engineering, where he was a member of the varsity football team. He has worked in remote North Dakota as a field engineer for a renewable energy contractor and in the San Francisco area as a project engineer for a marine engineering contractor. He is currently pursuing a Masters in Global Sustainability from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Mr. Bird and his fiancée Annie are proud parents to their mutt (and very good boy), Ralph. In addition to co-directing the EDI Fellows program, Mr. Bird also teaches Math and Physics in the Upper School and is the head coach of the Varsity Softball team and an assistant Varsity Football coach.

    ALUMNI Class of 2021 Fellows
    Christopher Asuncion
    Olivia Danielson
    Caitlin Johnson
    AJ Keels
    Keon Tavakoli
    Charlie Walker

    Junior EDI Fellows 2021. From left to right, Christopher Asuncion, AJ Keels, Charlie Walker, Olivia Danielson, Caitlin Johnson, and Keon Tavakoli. Photo taken Jul 2019. 

    ALUMNI Class of 2020 Fellows
    Sarah Haugh
    Maguire McMahon
    Nikolas Yanek
    Leah Smith

    Senior EDI Fellows 2020 from left to right, Maguire McMahon, Sarah Haugh, Leah Smith, and Nik Chrone-Yanek. Photo taken Jul 2019

    ALUMNI Class of 2019 Fellows
    Frances Harrington
    Connor Holland
    Patrick McElroy
    Kevin Smedely
    Sebastian Singh
    Nathan Williams

    Left to right. Connor Holland, Patrick McElroy, Nathan Williams, Sebastian Singh, Frances Harrington, Kevin Smedley. Picture taken with in the roots of a Redwood tree. Jul 2018.