Soccer Storage Box – Will Crouch ’24

    Between October of ‘21 and the end of February, we worked on a storage box for our soccer team to store their equipment closer to the field upon Coach Taragan’s request. Initially, we worked on measuring and cutting wood for the box’s exterior with the help of most of the ‘24 and ‘23 cohorts. Then we assembled all the cut wood to our design specifications.

    After both cohorts had finished assembly, the ‘24 cohort and Lee had to make fine adjustments to various parts of the box’s hardware as well as painting. Sam and I primarily worked on the box’s hardware aspect, such as the door magnets, locking mechanism, and interior elements. The door magnets took longer than expected to fine-tune due to the complications between painting and drilling at the same time. Ann Gray, Zoё, Lee, and Owen worked on the painting and stencil fabrication for the box art.

    On March third, the box moved out to the soccer field and now supports the JV soccer team. One of the things I was able to take away from this project is how to better integrate and distribute tasks with various groups to prevent people from getting in each other’s way. In the future, I’ll be able to start with this higher efficiency task distribution from the outset, avoiding some of the initial confusion we dealt with this time.

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