Reflection from Sean Wetmore’s Accountability Presentation – Kristin Houston ’23

    Earlier this week, all of the Fellows groups gathered in Johnson Theater to gain more insight into values we should strive to achieve when working on our respective projects. During this time we discussed the different kinds of commitment levels one can be during a project: a resistant, reluctant, existent, compliant, committed, or compelled worker. A resistant worker is one who refuses to participate in the effort, a reluctant worker will contribute, but has no real desire to put in work, and one who is existent will stand around, doing nothing at all; these three are the most unsuccessful kinds of workers. Meanwhile, compliant workers tend to do what is necessary, but nothing more, and committed workers will put their full effort into the project. The most successful type of worker is the compelled worker; they will go above and beyond in their projects because they are both passionate and hard-working. 

    After these insights, we discussed our passions and inspirations with those sitting close to us, and then groups were formed with one person from each Fellows group; here we informed the others about what projects our respective programs had been working on. It was nice to get to know what the others had been up to, seeing as it was not often that we worked together.

    The purpose of this discussion was to inspire all of us to find that kind of passion in each of our efforts so that we ourselves can become compelled, for a Fellow who is compelled will find success and make the most out of this three-year experience, ultimately making a great leader in the future. We also learned about the importance of collaboration with others in order to build a sense of community in the program.

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