Graduated Cylinder with Imperial Units – Post by Noah Howell ’23

    imperial graduated cylinder prototype molds and 1st silicone result
    Imperial graduated cylinder molds and 1st result.

    Vignesh Akkina ‘23, Micah Baum ‘23, Will Ward ‘23, and I designed a graduated cylinder that measures in teaspoons. This project allowed us to use our 3D-printing skills while mastering how to make a mold and use silicone polymer.  

    We first used Tinkercad to make the molds and used silicone to fill it. Then I tried to use a clear filament to bypass using silicone. I found that it would not work and using the silicone was more effective. Currently we are on the 7th prototype of our mold, after our first one was unable to serve as mold. The second prototype produced a silicone graduate cylinder; however, the wall was too thin and tore. The third design failed due to a software change and the next two 3D prints broke when being taken off of the printing plate. While troubleshooting the 3D-printed mold, we ordered a new type of silicone, which should be clearer and stronger. Altogether, the mold and the new type of silicon polymer should culminate into a better product.

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