Game Design Project Update by Stinson Moss ’22

    Game Design Project Update by Stinson Moss '22

    Games are fun. Even more so when connected with other players, whether that be locally or online. Games are students’ get away from school, but what makes the game I make different from most is that it is full of learning. The game challenges will improve the players’ ability to process information and carry out choices that they will make themselves. The fun in this game comes from completing tasks that progressively get harder as the player advances throughout the game. The community impact aspect shows itself in the content of the game. The game will have problems that challenge the player to think critically about the choices they make in the game, like completing simple tasks with many obstacles like getting from one point to another through a series of steps under a certain time, or by just simply getting a door to open by adding enough weight to a button that is really hard to push. The game will be competitive and challenging which will lead to other players being inclined to come back to the game, which invites more learning opportunities regular school does not provide.

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