LGBTQ+ Website Project by Lee McElligott ’23

    Website homepage for Resource Center

    As a sophomore in my first year in EDI Fellows, I am using the time to learn what EDI-related subjects I am passionate about. One field that interests me greatly is coding. I am currently learning languages related to web development such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Working off our theme for the year “Technology and Inequality”, I am designing a website to provide information and resources to LGBTQ+ youth. This website will include an information page telling users about different flags, important definitions, and the importance of pronouns, as well as an organizations and hotlines page. The organizations page will showcase local organizations dedicated to helping the LGBTQ+ community. The hotlines section will offer general and LGBTQ+ mental health lines in order to curb the extensive suicide rates of LGBTQ+ youth. As a queer person, it is important to me that other youth understand that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and they are not alone in their journey.

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