Desks for Kids Projects by David Smythe ’22

    Wooden Table

    Across the nation, millions of kids are stuck at home for virtual school. They spend many hours of their day sitting in front of a computer, trying to make the most of a tough situation. However, many of the kids don’t have a designated spot to work. My project idea is to build simple, yet functional wooden desks to give underprivileged students a place to do all of their work. A designated workspace hopefully will alleviate some of the struggles with virtual schooling. Working with a teenager from Northern Virginia who has successfully built and delivered hundreds of desks to local students, I plan on bringing this to Norfolk where many children live in the bottom 1% of the nation. I also plan on a customization factor, where the Tunstall Art Classes will help paint the desks with the children’s favorite colors, teams, logos…etc. This project will also be a collaboration with the Literacy Fellows. I am super excited to get started and hope that I will make some kids more excited about school.

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