Sep 2019 Project Update from Sarah Haugh ’20

    Senior EDI Fellows 2020 from left to right, Maguire McMahon, Sarah Haugh, Leah Smith, and Nik Chrone-Yanek. Photo taken Jul 2019

    For this year’s project, I am designing a database through which current Upper School students can search where recent alums with similar academic and extracurricular interests attended college. This will allow current students to connect with people at colleges they are interested in. As a current senior going through the college process, I would have enjoyed conversations with college students that have the same high school background. Often times, current students can reveal more about what real college life is like compared to any information or tour could. 

    The first graph shows my passion vs. my confidence with this project. While I am very passionate about this project, I have no background in computer science or coding so I am not very confident in my own skills. Adversely, I feel that this project will have a relatively high impact on the NA community because of just how many students will use it. It will also involve a fair amount of engineering to get the database to do everything I would like it to do. 

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