Sep 2019 Project Update by Caitlin Johnson EDI’21

    Caitlin Johnson ’21 during EDI Fellow’s trip to Sillcon Valley July 2019.

    This year I hope to work with the ODU Cytotechnology department. I plan on creating a portable microscope for a cellphone, a microscope which students and teachers can use during class or during times when they are outside of the classroom. The microscope would feature a focusing lens that the cell phone camera attaches to, allowing the observer to look at a magnified view of a subject or slide.

    Caitlin’s pretotyping graphs for the portable smart phone microscope. Sep 2019

    The graphs shown here reflect my confidence, passion, community impact, and engineering involvement. As I am interested in the medical field, this is an excellent opportunity to learn about how simple microscopes work. There are also multiple resources to investigate the process, although I have no doubt that this project would involve many prototypes until I reach a final product. As such, my confidence for this project is relatively high, and this project would hopefully reach a moderately wide community. 

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