Summary of Silicon Valley 2019 EDI Summer Experience by Leah Smith

    Olivia Danielson (left) and Sarah Haugh (right) in front of the turbines for the Ames Wind Tunnel. Photo by Leah Smith.

    This past week we visited California, trekking all over the Silicon Valley. The rising Juniors and Seniors of the EDI fellows toured Carbon, learning about 3D printing. We met with Greg Mulholland, CEO of Citrine Informatics and NA’03 alumnus. Over two dinners, we discussed technology, business, and engineering with two Norfolk Academy Alumni, one from Apple and a software Engineer from LinkedIn. At Autodesk, we received an invigorating tour of past projects, ending with a fun driving simulation. Vasper allowed us to get a workout in on their unique cooling machines after a thorough explanation of the processes involved. We went on to walk through the massive wind tunnel at NASA Ames Research Center and seeing demonstrations of the aerodynamics of flight in the Fluid Mechanics Lab. While in San Francisco, we explored the Bay Model and traversed the traffic on the Golden Gate Bridge. The trip was very informative whilst staying fun and interactive. Every stop and person was full of adventure and we left with stories in mind.

    Post written by Leah Smith EDI’20

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