Hydroponic Garden – Maguire McMahon ’20

    In preparation for the Year In Review and the BCGLP Symposium on May 23rd, the EDI Fellows put together blurbs about their projects to accompany their posters and presentations.  We are featuring one every day until May 23rd.  We hope you can join us. Here is Maguire McMahon ’20 describing the combined work by all the EDI Fellows. 

    Maguire McMahon

    Jarod Haley ‘20 of the Chesapeake Bay Fellows approached us to design and build a hydroponic garden, a soilless form of growing plants. The 2020 and 2019 EDI Fellows tackled the design challenge in three groups to develop three separate designs. My group’s plan was a hexagonal structure with an effective drainage system and constructed from cedar wood and acrylic plastic. The EDI Fellows then took this winning design and built two different prototypes to test our ideas. We intend to build the full-scale structure over the summer.

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