Literacy Fellows’ Book Press – Charlie Walker ’21 and AJ Keels ’21

    In preparation for the Year In Review and the BCGLP Symposium on May 23rd, the EDI Fellows put together blurbs about their projects to accompany their posters and presentations.  We are featuring one every day until May 23rd.  We hope you can join us. Here is AJ Keels ’21 and Charlie Walker ’21 about building the Book Press with the 2021 EDI Fellows.

    Organization of Materials by 2021 EDI Fellows. From Left to Right: Olivia Danielson, AJ Keels, Christopher Asuncion, Caitlin Johnson

    Our first project as EDI Fellows was to construct a hydraulically-powered book press for the Literacy Fellows. During the construction of the device, after the plate of the press was inserted into the device, we discovered that it was not level. The group used a magnetic leveler and found that the plate was not high enough. To fix this, we inserted wooden planes to raise the plate. This was the ultimate solution to our engineering complication. After working through this objective, the final book press was a success.

    Charlie Walker, Class of 2021

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