Saw Guard – Caitlin Johnson ’21 and Keon Tavakoli ’21

    In preparation for the Year In Review and the BCGLP Symposium on May 23rd, the EDI Fellows put together blurbs about their projects to accompany their posters and presentations.  We are featuring one every day until May 23rd.  We hope you can join us. Here is Caitlin Johnson ’21 and Keon Tavakoli ’21 about their work with AJ Keels ’21 and Charlie Walker ’21 on the table saw guard for Mr. Barton.

    2021 EDI Fellows. From Left to Right: Christopher Asuncion, Olivia Danielson, Caitlin Johnson, Keon Tavakoli, AJ Keels, and Charlie Walker.

    Mr. Barton approached EDI with a complication regarding his table saw, specifically the DADO blade, a large saw used to cut objects. The current harbor, in which the normal blade resides, is too narrow for the DADO blade to occupy; therefore, we designed a new, wider port, in which the DADO blade will have the ability to inhabit. The guard was too large to be printed with one CAD design, so we split the guard in half, designing two prints. The halves will be secured using an interlocking mechanism, placed on the edges of the halves, to hold them together.

    CAD Design for the Table Saw Guard


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