Hackathon: Book Press for the Literacy Fellows

    On Saturday, November 20th, the EDI Fellows participated in an intensive event called a Hackathon to collaborate on a common problem, a book press for the Literacy Fellows.  Directors Dr. Kidd and Ms. Johnson approached the EDI Fellows to design a better book press for their in-house publishing, Catapult Press.   The EDI Fellows were tasked to design a book press in an intensive creativity summit on Saturday, November 20th.

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    Dr. Kidd of the Literacy Fellows and Dr. Galler of the Lower School EDI Program served as judges for this event.  They decided that both designs, the screw press and the hydraulic press, won the competition.  The screw press would suit small scale production while the hydraulic book press would facilitate large scale production and hard-cover publishing.  This project will be furthered in the coming months as the 2021 EDI Fellows will modify a hydraulic press and test it for the Literacy Fellows.

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