EDI Fellows 2020 Summer Experience: Cooking Meals

    The Engineering, Design, and Innovation Fellows 2020 cohort stayed at Kiptopeke State Park (VA) to design and construct a concrete boat to hold two of them at a time.  During the trip, the Fellows cooked their own meals.  Here is Sarah Haugh ’20 to provide insight into how they planned and prepared the meals for the group.  

    Along with the actual project, we were in charge of cooking all the meals for our trip. We were told this in the middle of May and that we had access to anything we wanted to use for these meals. A study hall was spent coming up with these meals and delegating who would cook what. When it was time to cook the first meal, we couldn’t get the stove to work. Luckily Mr. Barton came to the rescue and was able to fix it. Each meal was quite simple to prepare and we had fun taking responsibility for our meals. One meal, hot dog dinner, was cooked outside on the barbecue and it brought its own sense of challenges. Cooking our own meals gave us another thing to be responsible for and it was a good way to bring us together. 


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