Pre-Engineering at Kent: EDI Fellows 2020 Summer Experience, Day 3

    The Engineering, Design, and Innovation Fellows 2020 cohort traveled  to Kent, CT to participate in the pre-Engineering Summer Educational Experience at Kent School program and to engage in Center for Civic and Global Leadership and EDI-specific leadership and teamwork programming.  

    Blog post by Maguire McMahon, ’20

    Today we opened with an activity entitled The Green Car. The Green Car activity gives us the option between 3 different motors, and gave us 36 options with 3 different variables; however, many of them cause system stalls, not allowing the car to move. Tomorrow we will design the chassis in a 3D workshop/software entitled Solidworks. We will print it out and install our motor gear and wheels and race against the other alliances. Also, we went to The University of Connecticut where we learned about their Clean Environment Engineering. Some of the students showed us their own personal projects and the machinery they are using in their research. We then transitioned to the UCONN Dairy Bar where we learned how their own personal ice cream was made—taste test included! Next, we got a small tour of the campus; the tour was thankfully in our bus, so we didn’t have to stay out in the hot sun all day! After the tour, we completed the 4.5 hour round trip in a cramped bus, ate dinner, and headed back to the Pre-E building, where we worked on our VEX robots!

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