Engineering for Change: EDI Fellows 2019 Summer Experience, Day 3

    Engineering for Change in Hampton Roads provided students the opportunity to be tourists in their own community, introducing them to the engineering challenges and opportunities of Hampton Roads, shifting their perspective, and deepening their understanding  of the importance and relevance of their Fellows work.

    Blog post by Sebastian Singh, ’19

    Today we visited the office of Maersk Line Limited and tour one of their boats, the Maersk Chicago. At their office we talked with Mrs. Jean Harrington, Mr. Brian Province, and Mr. Frants Reuss about logistics behind transporting such a large amount of cargo and also about different ships. We found that there are some ships that are meant to carry cargo on top of the deck and some that carry it beneath the deck. Next, we left the office and headed to the Maersk Chicago. Climbing up a long staircase, we made our way into the engine control room. The walls and desks are filled with buttons of many colors. After we had an explanation of what this room does, we walked into the actual engine room. The engine of the boat is massive, holding ten 20-foot pistons. Touring the multiple levels of the engine room, we came to the propeller shaft. After we learn how the propeller allows the boat to advance, we went up to the bridge, where Captain Hughes steers the boat. We watched the ship getting loaded with cargo from the outside part of the bridge. We then said our goodbyes to the Captain and crew of the Maersk Chicago and departed back to our hotel to get some rest.

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