EDI’s First Design Palooza

    By Kevin Smedley

    On Friday’s, about once every three weeks, the Engineering, Design, and Innovation fellows get together and have a 3-5 hour meeting with dinner and creativity guaranteed. These meetings are called Design Paloozas and are looked forward to from the second the last one ends. On Friday, September 25,  we had our first palooza. After a long day filled with tests, quizzes, games, and practices many of us were excited to be doing something we could not fail. But in reality, it was possible to not succeed in our tasks, and that’s what made it fun.

    We started the night off by having an individual competition, list as many uses of a paper clip you can. This task was a way to get our minds working, and thinking critically and intuitively. After spending about an hour on this, we proceeded to our next objective, to redesign the morning schedule of your partner. After doing this Prior in the week, we had gained a better perception of what was imperative to do for a well-working design. Sometime in the middle of this our Pizza had been delivered and we took a short 15 minute break for dinner. Approaching the end of our palooza, we began to present our newly designed schedules to the others. When it was all said and done, we worked together to clean up the room and rushed to our parents’ cars, where would than be taken home and enjoy our three-day weekend.

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