EDI’s 19′ 2015 Trip! (Day 1)

    6/22/15So It Starts!

        The EDI 19′ students embarked on a journey today as of 4:30 this morning. Through the tough 5 hour train ride, the students battled the unfavorable conditions, and prepared for the day ahead in Washington D.C.

    The ’19 Fellows start their journey at the Norfolk train station very early.

        Arriving at Union Station at 9:50 AM, we piled off the train in excitement, only to get split up by the ostensible menace, the Metro.  Later we regrouped at the final destination, and made it to the hotel.

        After eating a quick bite at Five Guys, and starting work on a group project, we went on the Metro once again.  This time all was smoothe since we were not carrying around extra luggage, and there were not nearly as many people as before.

        Clearing out of the station we made our walk to the Sunlight Foundation meeting in sweltering hot weather. We entered the office building where we met with Ms. Gabriela Schneider,  the Communications Director, and some of her colleagues. The Sunlight Foundation encourages transparency in our government. They also try to allow easy access to this information, by incorporating and standardizing it in websites and apps.

    EDI '19 Fellows at the Sunlight Foundation.

    EDI ’19 Fellows at the Sunlight Foundation.

       After, we walked to Panera Bread, where we discussed the meeting, and drew pictures of what the Sunlight Foundation does. Next we walked to the OpenGovHub meeting and talked with Keith Porcaro, a programmer who talked to us about Frontline SMS, his texting service, and his aid in foreign countries.

      Later, when the meeting had concluded, we traveled back to the area of the hotel and ate at & PIZZA. Finishing our food we came back to the hotel and tried to stay up until 9 so we would be wide awake for day two.