A Day of Classes at CEM: Judo, Spanish lit, Dissection, and Flamenco

Written by Bascombe Traywick ’18 to recount Friday, March 10, 2017:

We realized this morning that today was our second to last day ​in classes ​at Colegio Europeo. We ​knew it was important to enjoy our time at the school and we did. When we first came to school this morning, we split up into Judo and Spanish literature classes.​ I​n Judo, Señor Daniel taught the class pins, submission holds, and throws​, and he used me as his partner​. ​As we learned more moves, ​JB tried to tackle me​, but he ​blocked his shot, got a front headlock and hit a standing gable to pin JB easily​ (or perhaps not so easily)​. ​Using his skills as a linebacker, ​JB exacted r​evenge​.​ Xander learned he need​ed​ to stick to soccer.

The other class watched and discussed a Spanish movie. After a study hall and a break, all the Americans went to a lab class taught by Mr. Jose Bañales. We dissected a fresh pig’s heart. Some classmates had to overcome their squeamishness, but everyone participated and learned more about the heart. ​After a brief introduction, we cut open the ventricles and found the valves, cardiac muscles, and all the chambers of the heart. Reagan even learned the true meaning of tugging on the heart strings, as the heart really does have some bands in it that look like strings. ​From ​12-2pm the group attended classes with our ​Spaniard hosts​.

Heart strings.

After lunch and recess, we began flamenco class, the highlight of the school day. It was taught by a student, Anatalia. The dance was difficult to learn, but once we got the hang of it, we had a great time.​ Anatalia also performed a dance for us, and we clapped wildly with appreciation at the end. It was so special of her to share her love of her country’s traditional dance. ​

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