A Weekend in Madrid

The students enjoyed a weekend of various activities with their host families. Here are a few snippets to recount their weekend:

As a group we explored el parque del retiro and went boating. After we went to TGIFridays and enjoyed a meal watching Real Madrid’s rival FC Barcelona lose. (Zach Minor ’18)

It seems like I have gone shopping every day since I got to Madrid, and this weekend was no exception. When I asked Valeria, my exchange student, why there are so many malls here, she replied simply, “Because we like to shop.” (Mila Colizza ’18)

Over the weekend Leire, Valeria, Mila and I had two sleep overs. We went to the discoteca on Saturday, and on Sunday we celebrated Valeria’s birthday by going boat riding, going shopping, and having dinner at Friday’s. (Erica Washington ’18)

​We began our weekend with a Friday night slumber party where we ate cookies, lounged in our pajamas, and bonded with our Spanish hosts. The following morning we went our separate ways and got ready to head to Madrid for a Spanish discoteca. The discoteca is a common Saturday night activity for teenagers to gather and dance to popular songs. We had a blast listening to new songs and learning dance moves from our friends! (Aven Parker and Anna Mirovski ’18)

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