A Zipline Adventure

Written by Braden McMahon ’18 to recount Thursday, March 9, 2017:

Hola amigos!!! ​We spent our fifth day ​in Spain ​at the adventure park with our Spaniard host students! ​W​e began our day by meeting at the school dressed and ready to go for a day of fun! Our Spaniards out​-​shined us in a quick game of knockout and soccer in ​Colegio’s courtyard before the bus arrived. Our bus ride was filled with amazing views of the beautiful mountains and different parts of the c​ountryside​. We arrived at the park and took advantage of the view b​y ​taking lots of pictures! Once in the park, everyone put on their harnesses and ​received ​a briefing from one of the instructors. ​W​e all practiced unhooking and clipping to make sure we were well-prepared before we started our journey. We climbed and zipped our way through the trees and across a shimmering lake. After all five rope courses, we finished our excursion with a picnic ​of​ delicious sandwiches and pineapple juice provided by ​C​olegio. The bus arrived to picked us up and take us back to school. After our thrilling adventure, we ended our day outside enjoying the beautiful weather!

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