A Day of Classes: Spanish History, Language, Judo, Cooking, and Art!

Written by Josh Gould ’18 to recount Wednesday, March 8, 2017:

We spent the day today at CEM. In the morning we went to a Spanish history class and learned about the mid-1900’s to current Spanish political history. We were shocked to see a picture of President Eisenhower with the Spanish dictator, Franco. ​Our teacher also explained how the country transitioned from a dictatorship to a democracy under Alfonso Suarez. They have a king, but it’s a constitutional monarchy.​ To test our new knowledge we played KAHOOT!, a game which we also play in the US.

Our group then split up to attend either a Judo class, where many of us learned self-defense techniques, or a Spanish language class. In the language class we divided into groups to participate in a “What Am I? Game” where students tried to guess what other students were using only antonyms, synonyms, and homophones. While trying to play the game in Spanish was hard, we enjoyed the company of our fellow students.
Afterwards, we went to a Spanish cooking class where we learned how to make ‘Tortillas De Patatas’. It’s a mix of eggs, potatoes, and onions, with salt and olive oil. ​We hope to make some for our parents when we return as a thank you for this wonderful trip!​

After the cooking class, we split off into two groups to go to classes with our host students. Some students went to an English class while others attended a French class. Then we went to lunch, which was delicious. We had options of chicken, pizza, French fries and bread. After lunch we attended an art class with Señora Ruth. We made stamps out of recycled materials and paint. It was awesome. After the class we went and spent more time with our exchange students in class.

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